Monday, September 19, 2011

Glitter and Gore

Most people who know me in person weren't shocked to see me at the theatre last weekend wearing my latest find: a pair of fluffy, white boots, style name, "Fluff Mommas." After all, some of my friends joke that I sweat glitter and own more pink than Elle Woods and Barbie combined. This would also be why some are surprised to find out that I don't write chick-lit or read Confessions of a Shopaholic. Nope. Not me. Most of what I read and write has at least one dead body in the first five pages and another blood spatter or eight in the next twenty.

Yep. This five-foot-one, blonde dancer writes thrillers.

It wasn't exactly a conscious decision. Since I can remember, I've always liked reading action and murder more than romance. It's not that I can't delve into a different genre here or there, but if I go to the bookstore, nine times out of ten, I'll pick up something with the words "serial killer" or "conspiracy." It's the same with movies. In fact, my DVD collection probably has more Denzel Washington than Denzel Washington's house does. After all, "badass" is one of my favorite non-words.

For a long time, I've kept a humor blog over at Spittin' out Words Like a Llama as a place where I can cut up and joke when I'm not working on a manuscript. However, while writing my latest WIP, I've had several times I've found myself in interesting and sometimes funny situations (such as discussing poisons with my cousin to a point where her husband may or may not have seen her google searches and feared for his life) when I've thought, "Hey! I ought to blog about this!"

So, here I am, on my brand spankin' new writing blog. I still plan to laugh a lot over at the old place, but over here, I hope you'll join me as I post about the craft of writing, books I read, and the publishing industry!

Stop by in the comments and introduce yourself! Are you a reader or a writer? What genres?


  1. First of all: first comment on a fresh blog. YES!

    Glad to see your first post up! I'm fortunate enough to already have a bit of experience with some of the things you encounter in the darker knock-off of Wonderland that is the life and times of a working thriller writer. I'm looking forward to coming updates, knowing exactly how skewed some of the subject matter may be.


  2. Yay! More Colby! :D

  3. Love the title of this blog. Very cool :)

  4. Snazzy blog. :)

    So, did you like "Se7en"? That's probably my favorite serial killer film.

  5. Aw, thanks, guys! I appreciate you dropping by!

  6. Marian-- it's definitely one of my favorites! I love twists, and I find Kevin Spacey to make an excellent creeper! ;-)